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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #73516 by Ghorpade Anusaya

Village: चिमणाराजाची पिप्री - Chimanarajachi Pipri

F:XV-2.4e (F15-02-04e) - Sister worries for brother / When brother makes a journey / When brother is travelling by railway

Cross-references:A:II-2.10cii (A02-02-10c02) - Woman’s social identity / Mumbai, a mirage / Fun made of migrant / Travelling by train
D:X-2.4 (D10-02-04) - Mother worries for son / Railway journey / When son makes journey by railway
E:XIII-2.2c (E13-02-02c) - Mother worries for daughter / Mother’s concerns for daughter / She makes journey by railway
E:XIII-3.2b (E13-03-02b) - Mother-daughter, mutual expectations / Daughter expects moral support / Wish to go and meet mother
E:XIII-3.12 ???
E:XIII-3.36 ???
F:XVI-2.5 (F16-02-05) - Sister expects brother’s moral support / Brother is police man, engine driver
F:XVI-2.4 (F16-02-04) - Sister expects brother’s moral support / Brother compared to the neighbour
F:XVI-3.10 (F16-03-10) - Expectations of sister at in-laws’, sāsurvāsin / Sister returns from māher to in-laws’
F:XVI-3.3 (F16-03-03) - Expectations of sister at in-laws’, sāsurvāsin / Brother did not ask for explanation from in-laws
H:XXIII-2.2 (H23-02-02) - The British / Singers wonder over railway
F:XVIII-1.1 (F18-01-01) - Parents’ home, māher / Appeal for māher
F:XVIII-1.9 ???
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घोरपडे अनुसूया - Ghorpade Anusaya
आली आली आगीनगाडी शिटी फुकती शेंड्याला
बंधवाचा माझ्या बाई माल जाऊदे मांड्याला
ālī ālī āgīnagāḍī śiṭī phukatī śēṇḍyālā
bandhavācā mājhyā bāī māla jāūdē māṇḍyālā
The train has come, the sound of the whistle comes from the end
Woman, let my brother’s goods go to the market
▷  Has_come has_come (आगीनगाडी)(शिटी)(फुकती)(शेंड्याला)
▷ (बंधवाचा) my woman (माल)(जाऊदे)(मांड्याला)
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  1. When brother is travelling by railway