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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #35873 by Awari Mukta

Village: देव तोरणे - Dev Torane

B:VII-2.6 (B07-02-06) - Basil / Basil and son

Cross-references:D:X-1.1cii (D10-01-01c02) - Mother’s concern for son / Mother feeding son / Pounding, cooking or serving rice / Rice with milk and sugar
D:X-1.5 ???
D:X-1 (D10-01-01) - Mother’s concern for son / Mother feeding son
D:X-1.1ciii (D10-01-01c03) - Mother’s concern for son / Mother feeding son / Pounding, cooking or serving rice / Rice with curds
D:X-1.2 (D10-01-02) - Mother’s concern for son / Other services
D:XI-2.3avi (D11-02-03a06) - Son’s prosperous farm / Munificent Lakṣmī / Lakṣmī enters the house / Lakṣmī inquires about son’s house
D:XI-2.5 (D11-02-05) - Son’s prosperous farm / Prosperous household
D:XI-2.7 ???
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आवारी मुक्ता - Awari Mukta
UVS-03-15 start 05:13 ➡ listen to section
वाड्यात तुळस वाडा कुण्या चतुराचा
बाळायाचा माझ्या सोगा लोळे धोतराचा
vāḍyāta tuḷasa vāḍā kuṇyā caturācā
bāḷāyācā mājhyā sōgā lōḷē dhōtarācā
Tulasi* in the house, which clever person’s house is it?
The skirt of my son’s dhotar* is rolling on the floor
▷ (वाड्यात)(तुळस)(वाडा)(कुण्या)(चतुराचा)
▷ (बाळायाचा) my (सोगा)(लोळे)(धोतराचा)
pas de traduction en français
tulasiOcimum tenuiflorum, commonly known as holy basil, cultivated for religious and traditional medicine purposes.
dhotar ➡ dhotarsWhen the singer says that she goes to her village with dhotar, it means that she is just carrying a cloth to bring things from maher (a married woman’s parental home). Similarly, she sometimes means that she is carrying a stole.

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