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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #68680 by Sable Sundra Sadashiv

Village: नागज - Nagaj

A:I-1.12ai (A01-01-12a01) - Sītā / The delivery of Sītā / Baby’s birth in the forest / Delivered in the hut of sari

Cross-references:A:I-1.22b (A01-01-22b) - Sītā / Sharing her lot / Sītā complains about her Karma
A:I-1.6 (A01-01-06) - Sītā / Rāvaṇ
A:I-1.7 (A01-01-07) - Sītā / Sītā departs towards vanavās
A:I-1.12axi (A01-01-12a11) - Sītā / The delivery of Sītā / Baby’s birth in the forest / Non-availability of things, person-ajwan (ovā), anise, comb, hair oil, black paste for eyes etc.
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साबळे सुंद्राबाई सदाशीव - Sable Sundra Sadashiv
आटक्या वनामधी काय दिसत लालीलाल
सीताबाई बाळंतण दिल लुगड्याच पाल
āṭakyā vanāmadhī kāya disata lālīlāla
sītābāī bāḷantaṇa dila lugaḍyāca pāla
In Atakya forest, what appears so red
Sitabai has delivered, she used a sari to make a tent
▷ (आटक्या)(वनामधी) why (दिसत)(लालीलाल)
▷  Goddess_Sita (बाळंतण)(दिल)(लुगड्याच)(पाल)
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  1. Delivered in the hut of sari