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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #50462 by Khandare Chandrakala

Village: वाई - Wai

H:XXI-5.1i (H21-05-01i) - Ambedkar / Struggles for the dalits / Warfare images: tank, bomb

Cross-references:H:XXI-5.3d (H21-05-03d) - Ambedkar / Takes a second wife / Bhim is the son-in-law of Brahmins
H:XXI-5.1f (H21-05-01f) - Ambedkar / Struggles for the dalits / Ambedkar’s flag is raised
H:XXI-5.1o (H21-05-01o) - Ambedkar / Struggles for the dalits / Birth anniversary, Jayanti
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खंदारे चंद्रकला - Khandare Chandrakala
आला आला रणगाडा डब्या डब्याला पालीश
झाले बुध्दाचे पोलीस
ālā ālā raṇagāḍā ḍabyā ḍabyālā pālīśa
jhālē budhdācē pōlīsa
Here comes the tank, each carriage is polished
The buddhists have become policemen
▷  Here_comes here_comes (रणगाडा)(डब्या)(डब्याला)(पालीश)
▷  Become (बुध्दाचे)(पोलीस)
Il arrive, il arrive le char, toutes les voitures sont polies
Les bouddhistes sont devenus policiers.
Cross references for this song:H:XXI-5.1n (H21-05-01n) - Ambedkar / Struggles for the dalits / Inversing destiny

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  1. Warfare images: tank, bomb