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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #92253 by Ghodke Aababai Shivaramji

Village: भादली - Bhadali

B:VI-2.19cx (B06-02-19c10) - Paṅḍharpur pilgrimage / The city of Paṅḍharpur / River Chandrabhāgā / Kundalik

Cross-references:B:VI-2.19cxi (B06-02-19c11) - Paṅḍharpur pilgrimage / The city of Paṅḍharpur / River Chandrabhāgā / Rukhmini
B:VI-2.19cxvii (B06-02-19c17) - Paṅḍharpur pilgrimage / The city of Paṅḍharpur / River Chandrabhāgā / In spate
B:VI-2.15 (B06-02-15) - Paṅḍharpur pilgrimage / Pundalik
B:VI-2.4a (B06-02-04a) - Paṅḍharpur pilgrimage / Prompts / Ekadashi
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घोडके आबाबाई शिवरामजी - Ghodke Aababai Shivaramji
भरली चंद्रभागा पाणी लागल वडाला
बोलती रुखमीनी माझा पुंडलीक बुडाला
bharalī candrabhāgā pāṇī lāgala vaḍālā
bōlatī rukhamīnī mājhā puṇḍalīka buḍālā
Chandrabhaga* is full, water has reached the Banyan* tree
Rukhmin* says, my Pundalik* is drowned
▷ (भरली)(चंद्रभागा) water, (लागल)(वडाला)
▷ (बोलती)(रुखमीनी) my (पुंडलीक)(बुडाला)
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ChandrabhagaOne of the major rivers in Amravati district of Maharashtra. Pandharpur is situated on the banks of Chandrabhaga.
BanyanFicus benghalensis (the “Indian banyan“), the national tree of the Republic of India
Rukhmin(Rukhmini) is the principal wife and queen of the God Krishna, the prince of Dwaraka. Krishna heroically kidnapped her and eloped with her to prevent an unwanted marriage at her request and saved her from evil Shishupala.
PundalikDevotee of Vitthal. Also called Kundalik.
Cross references for this song:B:VI-2.15 (B06-02-15) - Paṅḍharpur pilgrimage / Pundalik

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