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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #52011 by Kalamnuri women
(Auradkar Urmila collection)

Village: १८ गावे - 18 villages

H:XXI-5.2eii (H21-05-02e02) - Ambedkar / Ramābāī, the first wife / Ramā at work / Ramā’s other works

Cross-references:H:XXI-5.1dii (H21-05-01d02) - Ambedkar / Struggles for the dalits / Reigns in Delhi / Buildings, stone walls, decorations, greenery
H:XXI-5.10 (H21-05-10a) - Ambedkar / Entry into Buddhism / Dikṣābhumi & Caityabhūmī
H:XXI-5.2c (H21-05-02c) - Ambedkar / Ramabai, the first wife / Ramā’s dress
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कळमनुरी बाया
(औरादकर उर्मिला संकलन) - Kalamnuri women
(Auradkar Urmila collection)

रमाच चांगुलपण सर्जाची चुंबळ
बाबासाहेबा डाक्टराच तोंड केळीच दुबळ
ramāca cāṅgulapaṇa sarjācī cumbaḷa
bābāsāhēbā ḍākṭarāca tōṇḍa kēḷīca dubaḷa
The goodness of Rama is like a decorated cloth ring (usually placed on the head to carry a pitcher of water)
The face of Doctor Babasaheb* is like a fresh bunch of bananas
▷  Of_Ram (चांगुलपण)(सर्जाची)(चुंबळ)
▷  Babasaheb (डाक्टराच)(तोंड)(केळीच)(दुबळ)
L'excellence de Ramā, fille de sardar (capitaine)
Le visage du Docteur Bābāsāheb, fragile plantain.

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