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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #46735 by Nagare Phula

Village: शिराळा - Shirala

E:XIII-3.3b (E13-03-03b) - Mother-daughter, mutual expectations / Mother’s expectations / Mutual wish to confide

Cross-references:A:II-2.13eii (A02-02-13e02) - Woman’s social identity / Friendly ties / Friendly support / Opening up one’s mind
A:II-2.16 (A02-02-16) - Woman’s social identity / Whom to share one’s grief with?
D:X-4.2e (D10-04-02e) - Mother’s expectations from son / Moral support / Mother shares her mind with him
F:XVI-2.6 (F16-02-06) - Sister expects brother’s moral support / Sister shares with brother
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नगरे फुला - Nagare Phula
गुजामधी गुज मायलेकीच गुज गॉड
शुक्राची चांदणी माळवदाच्या गेली आड
gujāmadhī guja māyalēkīca guja gŏḍa
śukrācī cāndaṇī māḷavadācyā gēlī āḍa
Sharing of joys and sorrows between mother and daughter is the happiest thing
(They get so much engrossed in talking, they don’t realise that) Venus has gone behind the loft
▷ (गुजामधी)(गुज)(मायलेकीच)(गुज)(गॉड)
▷ (शुक्राची)(चांदणी)(माळवदाच्या) went (आड)
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  1. Mutual wish to confide