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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #36369 by Ghangaon Gita

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

F:XVII-2.15 (F17-02-15) - Brother’s wife, bhāujay / Sweet mutual relation

Cross-references:F:XV-1.1d (F15-01-01d) - Sister worries for brother / Sister feeding her brother / Pounding and cooking rice
F:XV-1.1l (F15-01-01l) - Sister worries for brother / Sister feeding her brother / With milk, sweet, purified butter
F:XVII-2.5a (F17-02-05a) - Brother’s wife, bhāujay / Denies gifts to husband’s sister / Blouse
F:XVIII-1.4h (F18-01-04h) - Parents’ home, māher / Māher alien after the death of parents / Untill my mother is alive
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घणगाव गीता - Ghangaon Gita
UVS-05-45 start 02:50 ➡ listen to section
नंनद ग भावजया शिवाच्या ग शेती जावू
शिवाच्या शेती जावू चवळीच्या वाटा लावू राजसेबाई
nannada ga bhāvajayā śivācyā ga śētī jāvū
śivācyā śētī jāvū cavaḷīcyā vāṭā lāvū rājasēbāī
Nanand* and sister-in-law, let’s go to the field on the village boundary
Let’s go to the fields and sow rows of lentils
▷ (नंनद) * (भावजया)(शिवाच्या) * furrow (जावू)
▷ (शिवाच्या) furrow (जावू)(चवळीच्या)(वाटा) apply (राजसेबाई)
Nous les belles-sœurs, allons aux champs aux fontières du village
Allons aux champs aux fontières, amies, plantons-y des lentilles.
nanandHusband’s sister

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  1. Sweet mutual relation