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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #13841 by More Matha

Village: आंबेगाव - Ambegaon

A:II-2.7ai (A02-02-07a01) - Woman’s social identity / Hostility / Enmity between neighbours / Frustrated wish of friendship and sorrow

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मोरे मथा - More Matha
जिवाला देते जिव काय देवू मी नारीला
आभाळाच्यामुळ किड पडल तुरीला
jivālā dētē jiva kāya dēvū mī nārīlā
ābhāḷācyāmuḷa kiḍa paḍala turīlā
One should do anything for others, what can I do for my neighbour woman
Toor* crop is affected by pests because of cloudy weather
▷ (जिवाला) give life why (देवू) I (नारीला)
▷ (आभाळाच्यामुळ)(किड)(पडल)(तुरीला)
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  1. Frustrated wish of friendship and sorrow