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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #63118 by Waghmare AnjanaNamdeo

Village: कारसा - Karsa

F:XVII-2.14 (F17-02-14) - Brother’s wife, bhāujay / “Brother’s wife bows down to me”

Cross-references:E:XIII-3.2d (E13-03-02d) - Mother-daughter, mutual expectations / Daughter expects moral support / Wish to go to mother’s house and meet father
E:XIII-3.4 ???
E:XIII-3.5 ???
F:XVIII-1.1 (F18-01-01) - Parents’ home, māher / Appeal for māher
F:XVIII-1.11 ???
F:XVIII-1.13 ???
F:XVIII-1.14 ???
F:XVIII-1.54 ???
F:XVIII-1.58 ???
F:XVIII-2.1a (F18-02-01a) - Other relatives / Paternal uncles, aunts / Singer’s close relation with them
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वाघमारे अंजनाबाई - Waghmare AnjanaNamdeo
माहेरी जाते तुळशी वट्या
अशा पायाला लवल्या सिता मालीनी मोठ्या
māhērī jātē tuḷaśī vaṭyā
aśā pāyālā lavalyā sitā mālīnī mōṭhyā
I go to my maher*, I sit on the platform near tulasi*
Sita, my elder sister-in-law, bent to touch my feet
▷ (माहेरी) am_going (तुळशी)(वट्या)
▷ (अशा)(पायाला)(लवल्या) Sita (मालीनी)(मोठ्या)
pas de traduction en français
maherA married woman’s parental home
tulasiOcimum tenuiflorum, commonly known as holy basil, cultivated for religious and traditional medicine purposes.

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  1. “Brother’s wife bows down to me”