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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #48705 by Sarode Sunita

Village: सांगली - Sangli

H:XXI-5.1di (H21-05-01d01) - Ambedkar / Struggles for the dalits / Reigns in Delhi / Bhim’s conquest and seat of power

Cross-references:H:XXI-5.4a (H21-05-04a) - Ambedkar / The opponents of Ambedkar / The Brahmins
H:XXI-5.10 (H21-05-10a) - Ambedkar / Entry into Buddhism / Dikṣābhumi & Caityabhūmī
H:XXI-5.10g (H21-05-10g) - Ambedkar / Entry into Buddhism / Pilgrimage
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सरोदे सुनीता - Sarode Sunita
चौघीजणी आम्ही बुध्दवाडीच्या चौघीजणी
आम्ही दिल्लीला जाणार बाबासाहेबाच्या दर्शनाला
caughījaṇī āmhī budhdavāḍīcyā caughījaṇī
āmhī dillīlā jāṇāra bābāsāhēbācyā darśanālā
All the four of us, we are from Buddhawadi village
We shall go to Delhi for Babasaheb*’s Darshan*
▷ (चौघीजणी)(आम्ही)(बुध्दवाडीच्या)(चौघीजणी)
▷ (आम्ही)(दिल्लीला)(जाणार) of_Babasaheb_(Ambedkar) (दर्शनाला)
Nous toutes les quatre, du village de Bouddhavadi
Nous irons à Delhi prendre le darśan de Bābāsāheb.
DarshanLooking directly at the image of God

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  1. Bhim’s conquest and seat of power