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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #36469 by Ghangaon Savitra

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

F:XVII-3.6 (F17-03-06) - Feast of bhāubij / Present offered by brother

Cross-references:B:VI-1.4a (B06-01-04a) - Dasarā, Diwāḷī / Āratī / Sisters to brother
F:XVI-1.4b (F16-01-04b) - Sister expects brother’s presents / Sari / Common sari
F:XVII-3.2b (F17-03-02b) - Feast of bhāubij / Rite of waving a plate with lamps, ovalṇe / The type of plate, tāṭ
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घणगाव सावित्रा - Ghangaon Savitra
UVS-16-31 start 00:14 ➡ listen to section
भावाला भावबीज करते बुंदीच्या गोळ्याची
दुबळ्या ग बंधवानी मोहर झोकीली तोळ्याची
bhāvālā bhāvabīja karatē bundīcyā gōḷyācī
dubaḷyā ga bandhavānī mōhara jhōkīlī tōḷyācī
I celebrate Bhaubij* for brother with sweet gram balls
My poor brother gave a one tola* gold coin
▷ (भावाला)(भावबीज)(करते)(बुंदीच्या)(गोळ्याची)
▷ (दुबळ्या) * (बंधवानी)(मोहर)(झोकीली)(तोळ्याची)
Je célébre bhāvabīj en l'honneur de mon frère des boulettes sucrées
Mon frère, un pauvre pourtant m'a fait présent d'un tola d'or.
BhaubijThe day in Diwali when the sister waves the lamps in a plate of arati around her brother and he gives her a gift in her plate which is called ‘ovalani’
tola ➡ tolasWeight of gold or silver, approx. 11-12 gm.

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  1. Present offered by brother