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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #36390 by Alhat Kausalya

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

A:II-5.3gxvi (A02-05-03g16) - Labour / Grinding / “Milling is over…” / Brother and his wife remembered

Cross-references:A:II-5.3kx (A02-05-03k10) - Labour / Grinding / Singing while grinding / Sister remembers brother
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अल्हाट कौसल्या - Alhat Kausalya
UVS-16-25 start 00:51 ➡ listen to section
माझ दळन सरल उरल्यात पाच गव्हू
उरलेत पाच गव्हू भावाला तिघी बहीनी ओव्या गावू
mājha daḷana sarala uralyāta pāca gavhū
uralēta pāca gavhū bhāvālā tighī bahīnī ōvyā gāvū
My milling is over, five wheat have remained (to be grinded)
Five wheat have remained, three sisters, we will sing grindind mill songs to brother
▷  My (दळन)(सरल)(उरल्यात)(पाच)(गव्हू)
▷ (उरलेत)(पाच)(गव्हू)(भावाला)(तिघी)(बहीनी)(ओव्या)(गावू)
Ma mouture est terminée, ne restent que cinq grains de blé
Cinq grains de blé restent, nous les trois sœurs chantons des vers pour notre frère.

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