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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #32708 by Wagh Savitra

Village: वाघवाडी - Waghwadi

G:XX-2.6 (G20-02-06) - Daughter-in-law with mother-in-law / Blessing sought from mother-in-law

Cross-references:A:II-2.5d (A02-02-05d) - Woman’s social identity / Boasting a prosperous house / Pride of a thriving household
e (E13-01) - Mother’s attachment to daughter
g (G19-01-01) - Wife with a living husband / Kuṅku
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वाघ सावात्री - Wagh Savitra
सून सावित्रे भाग्याची हो ग मला
कंठी गोपाळाला बाजीबंद अन येळा तुला
sūna sāvitrē bhāgyācī hō ga malā
kaṇṭhī gōpāḷālā bājībanda ana yēḷā tulā
My daughter-in-law, you are very fortunate for me
A chain for my son Gopal, and armlets for you
▷ (सून)(सावित्रे)(भाग्याची)(हो) * (मला)
▷ (कंठी)(गोपाळाला)(बाजीबंद)(अन)(येळा) to_you
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  1. Blessing sought from mother-in-law