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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #98653 by Sawant Anusaya

Village: पाळु - Palu
Hamlet: सावंतवाडी - Sawantwadi

B:VI-6.1 (B06-06-01) - Satyanārāyaṅa / Satyanārāyaṅa comes home

Cross-references:F:XV-4.1k (F15-04-01k) - Sister takes pride in brother / Brother is a big personage / He is wealthy
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सावंत अनुसया - Sawant Anusaya
देवा सत्यनारायणा तुझ सतव पाहिल
तुझ्या मखराला खांब केळीच लावील
dēvā satyanārāyaṇā tujha satava pāhila
tujhyā makharālā khāmba kēḷīca lāvīla
God Satyanarayan*, I tested your genuineness
I tied banana stalks for your canopy
▷ (देवा) Satyanarayan your (सतव)(पाहिल)
▷  Your (मखराला)(खांब)(केळीच)(लावील)
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SatyanarayanA deity which is commonly worshipped by all castes and communities on auspicious occasions, weddings, etc. and also after a vow made is fulfilled.

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