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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #74444 by Bagul Lakshmi

Village: भादली - Bhadali

A:II-2.16 (A02-02-16) - Woman’s social identity / Whom to share one’s grief with?

Cross-references:E:XIII-3.3b (E13-03-03b) - Mother-daughter, mutual expectations / Mother’s expectations / Mutual wish to confide
A:II-1.7b (A02-01-07b) - Woman’s doubtful entity / Call Vaida
A:II-1.1 (A02-01-01) - Woman’s doubtful entity / Woman’s birth is unwanted / Unhappiness at girl’s birth
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बागुल लक्ष्मी - Bagul Lakshmi
सुखाया दुखाची गोनी आली बाजारात
सुःखाला झाला धनी दुःखाला होईना कोणी
sukhāyā dukhācī gōnī ālī bājārāta
suḥkhālā jhālā dhanī duḥkhālā hōīnā kōṇī
Sacks of joys and sorrows, both are taken to the bazaar
Joys found a master, no one was ready to take sorrows
▷ (सुखाया)(दुखाची)(गोनी) has_come (बाजारात)
▷ (सुःखाला)(झाला)(धनी)(दुःखाला)(होईना)(कोणी)
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  1. Whom to share one’s grief with?