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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #37991 by Kalamnuri women
(Auradkar Urmila collection)

Village: १८ गावे - 18 villages

H:XXI-5.2fiii (H21-05-02f03) - Ambedkar / Ramābāī, the first wife / Closeness, intimacy / Domestic relations, home scenes

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कळमनुरी बाया
(औरादकर उर्मिला संकलन) - Kalamnuri women
(Auradkar Urmila collection)

सोन्याच पंचपाळ रमा हळदी कुकान भरीती
बाबाचा परसाद उभ्या जगात वाटती
sōnyāca pañcapāḷa ramā haḷadī kukāna bharītī
bābācā parasāda ubhyā jagāta vāṭatī
A stand of brass with five partitions made of gold, Rama fills it with turmeric and kumku
She distributes blessings (prasad*) of Baba in the whole wortld
▷  Of_gold (पंचपाळ) Ram turmeric (कुकान)(भरीती)
▷  Of_Baba_(Ambedkar) (परसाद)(उभ्या)(जगात)(वाटती)
Ramā remplit cinq pots en or de kumku et de curcuma
Elle distribue dans le monde entier le prasād de Bābā.
prasadOffering of sweets to God which is later distributed among those present
Cross references for this song:H:XXI-5.2 (H21-05-02a) - Ambedkar / Ramābai, the first wife / Āheva

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