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Project  ♪♪ सांगते बाई तुला - Sāṅgatē bāī tulā - I tell you woman! ♪♪

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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #31728 by Umbre Lakshmi

Village: राजमाची - Rajmachi

A:II-2.5h (A02-02-05h) - Woman’s social identity / Boasting a prosperous house / Children:a reason of contentment

Cross-references:C:IX-2.16 (C09-02-16) - Baby / Attachment / Baby plays: mother forgets her fatigue
D:X-3.2 (D10-03-02a) - Mother attached to son / Taking pride in son / While contemplating son’s plays
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उंबरे लक्ष्मी - Umbre Lakshmi
UVS-28-27 start 00:32 ➡ listen to section
मोठ माझ घर घरा सारखी कवल
बाळा या माझ्या कुणब्या सारखा डवल
mōṭha mājha ghara gharā sārakhī kavala
bāḷā yā mājhyā kuṇabyā sārakhā ḍavala
My house is huge, the tiles are matching
My son has an air of peasant, a Kunbi*
▷ (मोठ) my house house (सारखी)(कवल)
▷  Child (या) my (कुणब्या)(सारखा)(डवल)
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KunbiA cultivator or peasant or farmer
Notes =>Kunbi : general term for peasant cultivator.

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  1. Children:a reason of contentment