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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #17898 by Kadu Saru

Village: वडवली - Wadavali

C:VIII-6.1 (C08-06-01) - Mother / Respect for her / She is like Bhāgīrṭ Kāśī

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कडू सरु - Kadu Saru
शेजीच उसन फेडीते भाजीपाला
बयाच उसन मना फिटना काशी गेल्या
śējīca usana phēḍītē bhājīpālā
bayāca usana manā phiṭanā kāśī gēlyā
What I borrowed from neighbour woman, I paid back in vegetables
What I got from my mother, cannot be repaid until I go to Kashi*
▷ (शेजीच)(उसन)(फेडीते)(भाजीपाला)
▷ (बयाच)(उसन)(मना)(फिटना) how (गेल्या)
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KashiName of a place of pilgrimage. In the songs, mother is many times referred to or called Kashi.
Cross references for this song:C:VIII-8.2 (C08-08-02) - Mother / Feelings and representations / One can not pay back mothers loan

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  1. She is like Bhāgīrṭ Kāśī