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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #17026 by Padwal Gawu

Village: साकरी - Sakari

B:VII-3 (B07-03) - Plantain / She delivers without intercourse with man

Cross-references:A:II-4.3c (A02-04-03c) - Puberty, the decisive factor / Nubility / Protective secrecy
C:VIII-7 (C08-07) - Mother / Her concern for children / Mother’s concern for children
D:X-1-1m ???
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पडवळ गवू - Padwal Gawu
जलाममधी जलाम केळीबाईचा चांगला
बाळायाच्या आधी परण तपला वधीला
jalāmamadhī jalāma kēḷībāīcā cāṅgalā
bāḷāyācyā ādhī paraṇa tapalā vadhīlā
Of all the births the woman plantain’s birth is good
She ended her life before the child was born.
▷ (जलाममधी)(जलाम)(केळीबाईचा)(चांगला)
▷ (बाळायाच्या) before (परण)(तपला)(वधीला)
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  1. She delivers without intercourse with man