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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #15615 by Raut Shewanta

Village: आडगाव - Adgaon

B:VI-6.1 (B06-06-01) - Satyanārāyaṅa / Satyanārāyaṅa comes home

Cross-references:F:XV-4.1k (F15-04-01k) - Sister takes pride in brother / Brother is a big personage / He is wealthy
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राउत शेवंता - Raut Shewanta
सकाळी उठूनी अंगण झाडावा सपाट
माझ्या दारावरुन सत्यनारायणा तुझी वाट
sakāḷī uṭhūnī aṅgaṇa jhāḍāvā sapāṭa
mājhyā dārāvaruna satyanārāyaṇā tujhī vāṭa
On getting up in the morning, the courtyard should be sweeped clean
Satyanarayan*, your path passes in front of my house
▷  Morning (उठूनी)(अंगण)(झाडावा)(सपाट)
▷  My (दारावरुन) Satyanarayan (तुझी)(वाट)
pas de traduction en français
SatyanarayanA deity which is commonly worshipped by all castes and communities on auspicious occasions, weddings, etc. and also after a vow made is fulfilled.

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