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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra
Semantic class C:VIII-6.5l (C08-06-05l)
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C:VIII-6.5l (C08-06-05l) - Mother / Respect for her / Compared to other things / Sowale

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लांडगे रावू - Landge Ravu
Village बाचोटी - Bachoti
UVS-22-45 start 00:44 ➡ listen to section
बाई धनभर गोत हायते कडब्याची जूडी
माता सवळ्याची घडी पीतांबर तीचा जोडी
bāī dhanabhara gōta hāyatē kaḍabyācī jūḍī
mātā savaḷyācī ghaḍī pītāmbara tīcā jōḍī
Woman, the gang of relatives is like a bundle of fodder
My mother is like a ’sowale’ (a silk cloth which is supposed to be pure),and Pitambar* (father) is her husband
▷  Woman (धनभर)(गोत)(हायते)(कडब्याची)(जूडी)
▷ (माता)(सवळ्याची)(घडी)(पीतांबर)(तीचा)(जोडी)
Pli de sari
PitambarA yellow dhotar

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