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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #88817 by Ghodke Aababai Shivaramji

Village: भादली - Bhadali

A:II-2.5d (A02-02-05d) - Woman’s social identity / Boasting a prosperous house / Pride of a thriving household

Cross-references:G:XX-2.8. ???
A:II-5.1a (A02-05-01a) - Labour / Compulsion and penibility / A distinctive duty
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घोडके आबाबाई शिवरामजी - Ghodke Aababai Shivaramji
लेक म्हणे बापा नाही पाहील जोड्याला
आपली केली सोय चार बैल गाड्याला
lēka mhaṇē bāpā nāhī pāhīla jōḍyālā
āpalī kēlī sōya cāra baila gāḍyālā
Daughter says, father, you didn’t check what kind of a person my husband is
You saw to your own benefit of having four bullocks to your cart
▷ (लेक)(म्हणे) father not (पाहील)(जोड्याला)
▷ (आपली) shouted (सोय)(चार)(बैल)(गाड्याला)
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  1. Pride of a thriving household