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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #70949 by Gayke Baban Kashinath

Village: आचलगाव - Achalgaon

F:XVII-2.6 (F17-02-06) - Brother’s wife, bhāujay / Bhāujay admonished by brother’s sister

Cross-references:F:XV-4.1c (F15-04-01c) - Sister takes pride in brother / Brother is a big personage / Brother is a Patil
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गायके बबन - Gayke Baban Kashinath
भाऊजईबाई उचल ओसरीचे पेले
भाऊ माझा सरपंच वाणी ब्राम्हण पाणी प्याले
bhāūjībāī ucala ōsarīcē pēlē
bhāū mājhā sarapañca vāṇī brāmhaṇa pāṇī pyālē
Sister-in-law, pick up the glasses in the veranda
My brother is Sarpanch* (Head of the village Committee), people from all communities, vani*, Brahman drank water
▷ (भाऊजईबाई)(उचल)(ओसरीचे)(पेले)
▷  Brother my (सरपंच)(वाणी)(ब्राम्हण) water, (प्याले)
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SarpanchAn elected head of the village-level statutory institution of local self-government called the panchayat (village government)
vaniIn the songs, this word often refers to prestigious people from the village and not to the caste

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  1. Bhāujay admonished by brother’s sister