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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #63 by Dabhade Anu

Village: माजगाव - Majgaon

A:I-1.3c (A01-01-03c) - Sītā / Groom selection / Lifting of the bow

Cross-references:A:I-1.2 (A01-01-02) - Sītā / Childhood
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दाभाडे अनु - Dabhade Anu
राम उठला जगजेठी डाव्या बोटाची अंगुठी
डाव्या बोटाच्या अंगुठी बाण धनुष्य रामलोटी
rāma uṭhalā jagajēṭhī ḍāvyā bōṭācī aṅguṭhī
ḍāvyā bōṭācyā aṅguṭhī bāṇa dhanuṣya rāmalōṭī
Ram, Lord of the Universe, got up. with his left toe
With his left toe, Ram pushes the bow and arrow
▷  Ram (उठला)(जगजेठी)(डाव्या)(बोटाची)(अंगुठी)
▷ (डाव्या)(बोटाच्या)(अंगुठी)(बाण)(धनुष्य)(रामलोटी)
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