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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #62640 by Khaladkar Kausalya Chandrakant

Village: खळद - Khalad

E:XIII-2.4 (E13-02-04) - Mother worries for daughter / She has been struck by bad eye

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खळदकर कौसल्या चंद्रकांत - Khaladkar Kausalya Chandrakant
मळ्याच्या मळ्यामधी इसबंदया सरणीला
गवळणीला ग दृष्ट झालीया हारणीला
maḷyācyā maḷyāmadhī isabandayā saraṇīlā
gavaḷaṇīlā ga dṛaṣṭa jhālīyā hāraṇīlā
In the gardener’s palntation, there is Isbanda plant
My daughter is affected by the influence of an evil eye
▷ (मळ्याच्या)(मळ्यामधी)(इसबंदया)(सरणीला)
▷ (गवळणीला) * (दृष्ट)(झालीया)(हारणीला)
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  1. She has been struck by bad eye