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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #51009 by Nikan Supada Devidas

Village: शेंदुर्णी - Shendurni

H:XXI-5.2fiii (H21-05-02f03) - Ambedkar / Ramābāī, the first wife / Closeness, intimacy / Domestic relations, home scenes

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निकम सुपडबाई देवीदास - Nikan Supada Devidas
रमा मनाची मोठी या भीमरायाच्या पाठी
हट्ट नका करु ग मंगळसुत्रासाठी
ramā manācī mōṭhī yā bhīmarāyācyā pāṭhī
haṭṭa nakā karu ga maṅgaḷasutrāsāṭhī
Large-hearted Rama is behind Bhim*
Don’t insist obstinately for a Mangalsutra*
▷  Ram (मनाची)(मोठी)(या)(भीमरायाच्या)(पाठी)
▷ (हट्ट)(नका)(करु) * (मंगळसुत्रासाठी)
Ramā est d'esprit supérieur, elle est le soutien de Bhīm
Ne t'entête pas à exiger une chaîne d'alliance.
BhimA name given to Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar
MangalsutraA necklace of black beads given to the wife by her husband as a mark of marriage alliance which she always wears around her neck and which is removed only in case she becomes a widow. This is often called ‘dorala’ in the ovis.

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