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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #44896 by Ghangaon Gita

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

D:XI-1.1bv (D11-01-01b05) - Son expert in farming / Cultivates fields / Mother’s concern / Field stands on the way:dangers, advantages

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घणगाव गीता - Ghangaon Gita
UVS-05-52 start 00:15 ➡ listen to section
अंती गाव करी शेत चिमण्याबाईच माहेर
चिमण्याबाईच माहेर केल्या गोफणी तयार
antī gāva karī śēta cimaṇyābāīca māhēra
cimaṇyābāīca māhēra kēlyā gōphaṇī tayāra
The field is on the road, you sparrows, don’t eat it up
My son made slings and kept them ready
▷ (अंती)(गाव)(करी)(शेत)(चिमण्याबाईच)(माहेर)
▷ (चिमण्याबाईच)(माहेर)(केल्या)(गोफणी)(तयार)
Le village cultive les champs maison-mère des moineaux
Maison-mère des moineaux, ils tiennent des frondes prêtes.
Cross references for this song:F:XVI-2.14c (F16-02-14c) - Sister expects brother’s moral support / Brother visits sister at her house / Sister expects him to come
F:XVI-2.36 ???

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  1. Field stands on the way:dangers, advantages