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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #44858 by Ambore Bhagirathi

Village: ताडकळस - Tadkalas OpenStreetMap GoogleMap

F:XV-2.11 (F15-02-11) - Sister worries for brother / Brother struck by bad eye

Cross-references:F:XVI-2.14d (F16-02-14d) - Sister expects brother’s moral support / Brother visits sister at her house / Brother comes as a guest
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अंबोरे भागीरथी - Ambore Bhagirathi
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UVS-20-10 start 02:05 ➡ listen to section
माळ्याच्या मळ्यामंदी इसबंद गव्हारी
अशी बाई दिष्ट झाली बाई चाफ्यावरी
māḷyācyā maḷyāmandī isabanda gavhārī
aśī bāī diṣṭa jhālī bāī cāphayāvarī
In the gardener’s plantation, there is the rustic Isbandh*
Woman, an evil eye was cast on the Champak* tree (brother)
▷ (माळ्याच्या)(मळ्यामंदी)(इसबंद)(गव्हारी)
▷ (अशी) woman (दिष्ट) has_come woman (चाफ्यावरी)
pas de traduction en français
IsbandhName of a plant
ChampakName of a flowering tree

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  1. Brother struck by bad eye