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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #4403 by Dabhade Anu

Village: माजगाव - Majgaon

A:II-3.3di (A02-03-03d01) - Constraints on behaviour / Duties and manners / Principles and advices for life / Mother teaches

Cross-references:A:II-3.5kii (A02-03-05k02) - Constraints on behaviour / Rules of conduct / Enduring sasurvās harassment / To keep the name of father, mother
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दाभाडे अनु - Dabhade Anu
जलमी येऊनी बहुरीतीनी चाल बाई
पित्यायाच्या पोटी एवढ फिरुनी येण नाही
jalamī yēūnī bahurītīnī cāla bāī
pityāyācyā pōṭī ēvaḍha phirunī yēṇa nāhī
Being born in this world, daughter, follow the customs and traditions
You may not be born again to the same father
▷ (जलमी)(येऊनी)(बहुरीतीनी) let_us_go woman
▷ (पित्यायाच्या)(पोटी)(एवढ) turning_round (येण) not
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