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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #42185 by More Kamal Chintamani

Village: गुंधा - Gundha

F:XVI-1.2d (F16-01-02d) - Sister expects brother’s presents / Blouse / Brother gets it tailored with excitement

Cross-references:B:VI-2.3g (B06-02-03g) - Paṅḍharpur pilgrimage / Companions / Brother
B:VI-2.42 ???
[31] id = 42185
मोरे कमल - More Kamal Chintamani
मोठ्या मोठ्या चोळ्या चाटी म्हणी आहेराला
नेनंता बंधू म्हणी बहिणी आल्या माहेराला
mōṭhyā mōṭhyā cōḷyā cāṭī mhaṇī āhērālā
nēnantā bandhū mhaṇī bahiṇī ālyā māhērālā
Tailor says, these are expensive blouse pieces specially for gifts
My younger brother says, my sisters have come to maher*
▷ (मोठ्या)(मोठ्या)(चोळ्या)(चाटी)(म्हणी)(आहेराला)
▷  Younger brother (म्हणी)(बहिणी)(आल्या)(माहेराला)
pas de traduction en français
maherA married woman’s parental home

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  1. Brother gets it tailored with excitement