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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #41565 by Patil Vitha

Village: वाघुर्डे - Waghurde

B:VI-2.11gx (B06-02-11g10) - Paṅḍharpur pilgrimage / Viṭṭhal and Rukhmini / Mutual love of Viṭṭhal, Rukhmini / Viṭṭhal satisfied with food served by her

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पाटील विठा - Patil Vitha
सहाव्या पंगतीला रुकमा वाढूनी गेली भाजी
इठ्ठल देव बोल म्हण जेवाया झाला राजी
sahāvyā paṅgatīlā rukamā vāḍhūnī gēlī bhājī
iṭhṭhala dēva bōla mhaṇa jēvāyā jhālā rājī
Rukmini* served vegetables in the sixth round of meals
God Itthal* says, I am ready to eat
▷ (सहाव्या)(पंगतीला)(रुकमा)(वाढूनी) went (भाजी)
▷ (इठ्ठल)(देव) says (म्हण)(जेवाया)(झाला)(राजी)
pas de traduction en français
Rukmini(Rukhmini) is the principal wife and queen of the God Krishna, the prince of Dwaraka. Krishna heroically kidnapped her and eloped with her to prevent an unwanted marriage at her request and saved her from evil Shishupala.
ItthalVitthal pronounced locally
Cross references for this song:B:VI-2.11fv (B06-02-11f05) - Paṅḍharpur pilgrimage / Viṭṭhal and Rukhmini / Rukhmini’s work / Serving dishes

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  1. Viṭṭhal satisfied with food served by her