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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #37776 by Deshmukh Pramila

Village: माजलगाव - Majalgaon

G:XIX-4.3 (G19-04-03) - Wife’s pride for husband / Their house and happy life together

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देशमुख प्रमिला - Deshmukh Pramila
Group(s) = Bahinabai_Chaudhary_songs

UVS-15-80 start 00:28 ➡ listen to section
अरे अरे संसार दोन जिवाचा विचार
देतो सुखाला होकार आणि दुःखाला नकार
arē arē saṇsāra dōna jivācā vicāra
dētō sukhālā hōkāra āṇi duḥkhālā nakāra
no translation in English
▷ (अरे)(अरे)(संसार) two (जिवाचा)(विचार)
▷ (देतो)(सुखाला)(होकार)(आणि)(दुःखाला)(नकार)
pas de traduction en français
Notes =>This song is part of a composition by Bahinabai Chaudhary, a Marathi poetess from Asode in Jalgaon district. She was illiterate and some of her compositions were lost in time. But her son Sopan wrote down some of them later. Her ovis are very famous and are sung in some films.

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