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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #37405 by Landge Ravu

Village: बाचोटी - Bachoti

H:XXI-5.1diii (H21-05-01d03) - Ambedkar / Struggles for the dalits / Reigns in Delhi / Musical instruments played

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लांडगे रावू - Landge Ravu
UVS-22-42 start 03:20 ➡ listen to section

बाई दहेली दादर्यावरी किरकट वाजतो दमान
किरकट वाजतो दमान सभा बोलली भीमान
bāī dahēlī dādaryāvarī kirakaṭa vājatō damāna
kirakaṭa vājatō damāna sabhā bōlalī bhīmāna
Musical instrument plays softly on the staircase at Delhi
Bhim* has called a meeting
▷  Woman (दहेली)(दादर्यावरी)(किरकट)(वाजतो)(दमान)
▷ (किरकट)(वाजतो)(दमान)(सभा)(बोलली)(भीमान)
Sur les estrades à Delhi des instruments jouent doucement
Ils jouent doucement ; Bhīm a convoqué une réunion.
BhimA name given to Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

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