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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #37103 by Ambore Bhagirathi

Village: ताडकळस - Tadkalas OpenStreetMap GoogleMap

F:XV-2.11 (F15-02-11) - Sister worries for brother / Brother struck by bad eye

Cross-references:F:XVI-2.14d (F16-02-14d) - Sister expects brother’s moral support / Brother visits sister at her house / Brother comes as a guest
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अंबोरे भागीरथी - Ambore Bhagirathi
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UVS-20-10 start 02:52 ➡ listen to section
माळ्याच्या ग मळ्यामंदी इसबंदाचा झुंबडा
झाला दिष्टीन तांबडा बंधू माझा ग सावळा
māḷyācyā ga maḷyāmandī isabandācā jhumbaḍā
jhālā diṣṭīna tāmbaḍā bandhū mājhā ga sāvaḷā
In the gardener’s plantation, there is a grove of Isbandh* tree
My dark-complexioned brother came under the in influence of an evil eye, he became red
▷ (माळ्याच्या) * (मळ्यामंदी)(इसबंदाचा)(झुंबडा)
▷ (झाला)(दिष्टीन)(तांबडा) brother my * (सावळा)
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IsbandhName of a plant

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  1. Brother struck by bad eye