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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #36371 by Ghangaon Gita

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

D:XI-2.3e (D11-02-03e) - Son’s prosperous farm / Munificent Lakṣmī / Lakṣmī has come in the house of my cow-keeper

Cross-references:D:XI-2.3avi (D11-02-03a06) - Son’s prosperous farm / Munificent Lakṣmī / Lakṣmī enters the house / Lakṣmī inquires about son’s house
[23] id = 36371
घणगाव गीता - Ghangaon Gita
Group(s) = Lakshmi

UVS-05-47 start 00:19 ➡ listen to section
आली आली लक्ष्मी आली उठत बसत
आली उठत बसत वाडा गवळ्याचा ग पुसत
ālī ālī lakṣmī ālī uṭhata basata
ālī uṭhata basata vāḍā gavaḷyācā ga pusata
Goddess Lakshmi has come, she comes haltingly
She comes haltingly, asking for my cowherd son’s house
▷  Has_come has_come Lakshmi has_come (उठत)(बसत)
▷  Has_come (उठत)(बसत)(वाडा)(गवळ्याचा) * (पुसत)
Elle arrive, elle arrive, Lakṣmī, elle s'arrête puis repart
Elle s'arrête puis repart, elle inspecte la ferme de mon éleveur.
Notes =>लक्ष्मी संपत्ती, दैव आणि समृद्धीची हिंदू देवी आहेLakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

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  1. Lakṣmī has come in the house of my cow-keeper