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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #36286 by Ghangaon Gita

Village: मोगरा - Mogara

H:XXI-5.3c (H21-05-03c) - Ambedkar / Takes a second wife / Wedding ceremony

Cross-references:D:XII-4.8b (D12-04-08b) - Son, a man in society / Son’s marriage / Large clan of the bridegroom, got
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घणगाव गीता - Ghangaon Gita
UVS-05-18 start 01:02 ➡ listen to section

आला आला रणगाडा काळ्या वावरी कुथला
अन् वावरी कुथला भीम वचनी गुतला रे सिदारथा
ālā ālā raṇagāḍā kāḷyā vāvarī kuthalā
ana vāvarī kuthalā bhīma vacanī gutalā rē sidārathā
The gun carriage has come, it got stuck in the field with black soil
He gave a word to Brahmin* girl which he was not able to break
▷  Here_comes here_comes (रणगाडा)(काळ्या)(वावरी)(कुथला)
▷ (अन्)(वावरी)(कुथला) Bhim (वचनी)(गुतला)(रे)(सिदारथा)
Le char de guerre arriva sur les terres noires, il se bloqua
Bhīm était lié par une promesse, Oh Siddhartha!
Brahmin ➡ BrahminsIn the songs, this word often refers to prestigious people from the village and not to the caste

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