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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #35788 by Sawant

Village: पाळु - Palu
Hamlet: सावंतवाडी - Sawantwadi

B:VI-6.2b (B06-06-02b) - Satyanārāyaṅa / Celebrations / Worship

Cross-references:B:VI-6.6 (B06-06-06) - Satyanārāyaṅa / Vow
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सावंत - Sawant
UVS-24-27 start 01:30 ➡ listen to section
खावूशी वाटला सत्यनारायणाचा भात
केळीच्या मखरात पोथी वाच रघुनाथ
khāvūśī vāṭalā satyanārāyaṇācā bhāta
kēḷīcyā makharāta pōthī vāca raghunātha
Satyanarayan*, I felt like eating your prasad*
Raghunath (son) is reading the Pothi* in the banana canopy
▷ (खावूशी)(वाटला)(सत्यनारायणाचा)(भात)
▷ (केळीच्या)(मखरात) pothi (वाच)(रघुनाथ)
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SatyanarayanA deity which is commonly worshipped by all castes and communities on auspicious occasions, weddings, etc. and also after a vow made is fulfilled.
prasadOffering of sweets to God which is later distributed among those present
PothiA book telling the story about Gods and deities

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