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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #35645 by Bhong Chandrabhaga

Village: निमगाव केतकी - Nimgaon Ketki
Hamlet: चिंचवाडी - Chinchwadi

C:VIII-8.10 (C08-08-10) - Mother / Feelings and representations / Brothers and sisters:born from the same womb

Cross-references:F:XV-3.1d (F15-03-01d) - Sister’s attachment to brother / Praising brother’s demeanour / Handsome looking
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भोंग चंद्रभागा - Bhong Chandrabhaga
UVS-11-25 start 01:39 ➡ listen to section
बहिण भावंडाचा मेळ बसला पाखराचा
बया माझ्या त्या गवळणीन पुडा सोडला साखराचा
bahiṇa bhāvaṇḍācā mēḷa basalā pākharācā
bayā mājhyā tyā gavaḷaṇīna puḍā sōḍalā sākharācā
Brothers and sisters are sitting like a flock of birds
My dear mother opened a packet of sugar
▷  Sister (भावंडाचा)(मेळ)(बसला)(पाखराचा)
▷ (बया) my (त्या)(गवळणीन)(पुडा)(सोडला)(साखराचा)
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  1. Brothers and sisters:born from the same womb