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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #32305 by Bodake Subhadra

Village: गेवंडे खडक - Gevande Khadak

G:XIX-7.1 (G19-07-01) - Wife’s death before husband / Received with pomp and ceremony in heaven

Cross-references:B:VII-9.1g (B07-09-01g) - Religious institutions / Guru / Support
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बोडके सुभद्रा - Bodake Subhadra
आहेव गेली गोरी नवरी होवूनी
सरगीच देव उभी आरती घेवूनी
āhēva gēlī gōrī navarī hōvūnī
saragīca dēva ubhī āratī ghēvūnī
The woman died as an Ahev*, she was treated like a bride
God in heaven was waiting with Arati* in hand
▷ (आहेव) went (गोरी)(नवरी)(होवूनी)
▷ (सरगीच)(देव) standing Arati (घेवूनी)
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AhevAn unwidowed woman
AratiPrayer of praise with a ritual of lights waved in front of god; waving a platter with an oil lamp in front of the image of God as a part of worship. Arati is also performed for persons as a symbol of conveying blessings or good wishes

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  1. Received with pomp and ceremony in heaven