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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #32302 by Shinde Saru

Village: भोरकस - Bhorkas

G:XIX-7.1 (G19-07-01) - Wife’s death before husband / Received with pomp and ceremony in heaven

Cross-references:B:VII-9.1g (B07-09-01g) - Religious institutions / Guru / Support
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शिंदे सरु - Shinde Saru
आहेव मेली गोरी लाख बांगडी फुटली
सरगीच्या देवान सवाशीण लुटली
āhēva mēlī gōrī lākha bāṅgaḍī phuṭalī
saragīcyā dēvāna savāśīṇa luṭalī
After many bangles were broken, one woman gets the good fortune of dying as an Ahev*
God in heaven took away a savashin*
▷ (आहेव)(मेली)(गोरी)(लाख) bangles (फुटली)
▷ (सरगीच्या)(देवान)(सवाशीण)(लुटली)
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AhevAn unwidowed woman
savashin ➡ savashinsA married woman whose husband is living

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  1. Received with pomp and ceremony in heaven