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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #32295 by Satpute Saru

Village: चिखलगाव - Chikhalgaon

G:XIX-7.1 (G19-07-01) - Wife’s death before husband / Received with pomp and ceremony in heaven

Cross-references:B:VII-9.1g (B07-09-01g) - Religious institutions / Guru / Support
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सातपुते सरु - Satpute Saru
आहेव मेली गोरी गेली नवरी होऊनी
सरगीचे देव उभे देव आरती घेऊनी
āhēva mēlī gōrī gēlī navarī hōūnī
saragīcē dēva ubhē dēva āratī ghēūnī
The woman died as an Ahev*, she was treated like a bride
Gods in heaven were waiting with Arati* in hand
▷ (आहेव)(मेली)(गोरी) went (नवरी)(होऊनी)
▷ (सरगीचे)(देव)(उभे)(देव) Arati (घेऊनी)
La chère fille est morte ahev telle une nouvelle mariée
Les dieux du ciel debout lui offrent l’āratī.
AhevAn unwidowed woman
AratiPrayer of praise with a ritual of lights waved in front of god; waving a platter with an oil lamp in front of the image of God as a part of worship. Arati is also performed for persons as a symbol of conveying blessings or good wishes

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  1. Received with pomp and ceremony in heaven