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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #30823 by Palaskar Paru

Village: पळसे - Palase

C:VIII-7 (C08-07) - Mother / Her concern for children / Mother’s concern for children

Cross-references:B:VIII-3 ???
C:VIII-8.11 (C08-08-11) - Mother / Feelings and representations / No affection parallel to mothers love
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पळसकर पारु - Palaskar Paru
बहिण भावंडाचा झगडा मावचा
मधी बस बयाबाई न्याय निवाडा दोघांचा
bahiṇa bhāvaṇḍācā jhagaḍā māvacā
madhī basa bayābāī nyāya nivāḍā dōghāñcā
Sister and brother are pretending to quarrel with each other
My mother sits between them and gives justice to both
▷  Sister (भावंडाचा)(झगडा)(मावचा)
▷ (मधी)(बस)(बयाबाई)(न्याय)(निवाडा)(दोघांचा)
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  1. Mother’s concern for children