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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #26296 by Pathare Sita

Village: कोळवली - Kolawali

B:VI-1.4a (B06-01-04a) - Dasarā, Diwāḷī / Āratī / Sisters to brother

Cross-references:F:XVII-3.6 (F17-03-06) - Feast of bhāubij / Present offered by brother
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पाठारे सीता - Pathare Sita
दसर्याच्या दिशी माझ्या आरती मधी कुकू
सावित्रे भावुजयी पती ओवाळीते देशमुखु
dasaryācyā diśī mājhyā āratī madhī kukū
sāvitrē bhāvujayī patī ōvāḷītē dēśamukhu
On Dassera* day, I have kunku* in my Arati*
Savitri, my sister-in-law, I wave the lamps around Deshmukh*, your husband
▷ (दसर्याच्या)(दिशी) my Arati (मधी) kunku
▷ (सावित्रे)(भावुजयी)(पती)(ओवाळीते)(देशमुखु)
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kunkuA red spot applied on the forehead by married women whose husband is alive as a mark of good fortune. This powder is also applied to God as a part of worship. It is prepared from turmeric, lemon juice, alum etc.
AratiPrayer of praise with a ritual of lights waved in front of god; waving a platter with an oil lamp in front of the image of God as a part of worship. Arati is also performed for persons as a symbol of conveying blessings or good wishes
DeshmukhHereditary officer, head of a Pargana. Surname of a reputed family. But is also used for one’s father or uncle by the singers.

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