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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #12462 by Kadu Saru

Village: वडवली - Wadavali

B:VI-1.3j (B06-01-03j) - Dasarā, Diwāḷī / Leaves distributed / Children play

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कडू सरु - Kadu Saru
दसर्याच्या दिशी बाईच्या आरतीत आहे वाटी
वाटी ना उचलाया बाळ पडलायात झटी
dasaryācyā diśī bāīcyā āratīta āhē vāṭī
vāṭī nā ucalāyā bāḷa paḍalāyāta jhaṭī
Woman, on Dassera* day, there is a bowl (with prasad*) in the plate with Arati*
My son fights to pick the bowl
▷ (दसर्याच्या)(दिशी)(बाईच्या)(आरतीत)(आहे)(वाटी)
▷ (वाटी) * (उचलाया) son (पडलायात)(झटी)
pas de traduction en français
prasadOffering of sweets to God which is later distributed among those present
AratiPrayer of praise with a ritual of lights waved in front of god; waving a platter with an oil lamp in front of the image of God as a part of worship. Arati is also performed for persons as a symbol of conveying blessings or good wishes

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