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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #112105 by Hivde Lakshmi Babasaheb

Village: वरखेड - Varkhed

A:II-3.2e (A02-03-02e) - Constraints on behaviour / Prohibitions and strictures / Don’t laugh

Cross-references:A:II-1.5c (A02-01-05c) - Woman’s doubtful entity / Preordained lot / A lot due to karma
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हिवडे लक्ष्मी बाबासाहेब - Hivde Lakshmi Babasaheb
हासु नको गोरे हासु कोण्या परकाराच
भरल्या सभमधी पाणी जात भरताराच
hāsu nakō gōrē hāsu kōṇyā parakārāca
bharalyā sabhamadhī pāṇī jāta bharatārāca
Don’t laugh, dear daughter, in any manner
Your husband will lose his reputation in the meeting
▷ (हासु) not (गोरे)(हासु)(कोण्या)(परकाराच)
▷ (भरल्या)(सभमधी) water, class (भरताराच)
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