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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #106809 by Datunge Dwarka Shankar

Village: पातुडा - Patuda

F:XVIII-2.2b (F18-02-02b) - Other relatives / Maternal uncles, aunts / She receives presents from aunt

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दाटुंगे व्दारका शंकर - Datunge Dwarka Shankar
मावशीच्या लेकाने मला हावशीने नेले
दारी आहे तुळस तशी चोळी मला दिली
māvaśīcyā lēkānē malā hāvaśīnē nēlē
dārī āhē tuḷasa taśī cōḷī malā dilī
My maternal aunt’s son took me with him with great affection
He gave me a blouse like tulasi* in front of your door
▷ (मावशीच्या)(लेकाने)(मला)(हावशीने)(नेले)
▷ (दारी)(आहे)(तुळस)(तशी) blouse (मला)(दिली)
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tulasiOcimum tenuiflorum, commonly known as holy basil, cultivated for religious and traditional medicine purposes.

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  1. She receives presents from aunt