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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #984 by Dhamale Saru

Village: भोरकस - Bhorkas

A:I-1.9e (A01-01-09e) - Sītā / Kaikeyī, the heinous mother-in-law / Kaikeyī draws Rāvaṇ’s portrait on the wall

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ढमाले सरु - Dhamale Saru
केकाई सासून आळ घेतीला सीतावरी
पाची रंगाच्या वाटया रावण काढीती भिंतीवरी
kēkāī sāsūna āḷa ghētīlā sītāvarī
pācī raṅgācyā vāṭayā rāvaṇa kāḍhītī bhintīvarī
Mother-in-law Kaikeyi suspects Sita and puts the blame on her
She draws a picure of Ravan* in five colours from five bowls
▷ (केकाई)(सासून) here_comes (घेतीला)(सीतावरी)
▷ (पाची)(रंगाच्या)(वाटया) Ravan (काढीती)(भिंतीवरी)
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RavanA devotee of Shiva, an asura king of ancient Lanka, he is depicted as a great scholar, a Brahmin, a capable ruler and a maestro of the veena (plucked stringed instrument). He is also described as an extremely powerful king and has ten heads.

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  1. Kaikeyī draws Rāvaṇ’s portrait on the wall