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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #94168 by Malekar Anusuya Tulshiram

Village: मळे - Male

B:VI-2.4dx (B06-02-04d10) - Paṅḍharpur pilgrimage / Prompts / Irresistible wish to meet Viṭṭhal, Rakhumai / It came to my mind

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मळेकर अनुसुया तुळशीराम - Malekar Anusuya Tulshiram
पंढरी जाया माझ्या वट्यात पिका पेरु
साधु भुकलेल्या नेहरी करु
paṇḍharī jāyā mājhyā vaṭyāta pikā pēru
sādhu bhukalēlyā nēharī karu
To go to Pandhari, I have a ripe guava in the fold of my sari
Varkari* is hungry, let’s eat
▷ (पंढरी)(जाया) my (वट्यात)(पिका)(पेरु)
▷ (साधु)(भुकलेल्या)(नेहरी)(करु)
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Varkari ➡ VarkarisA person who makes a periodical pilgrimage to a sacred place

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