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Grindmill songs of Maharashtra — Song #80663 by Tribhuwan Lakshmi

Village: खंबाळा - Khambala

B:VI-6.3f (B06-06-03f) - Satyanārāyaṅa / Reading of pothī, religious stories / Daughter-in-law

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त्रिभुवन लक्ष्मी - Tribhuwan Lakshmi
माझ्या वाड्यामधी सत्यनारायण महिन्याचे दोन
आध्यायाला बसली जानकी लक्ष्मण
mājhyā vāḍyāmadhī satyanārāyaṇa mahinyācē dōna
ādhyāyālā basalī jānakī lakṣmaṇa
In my house, we have two Satyanarayan* pujas* a month
Janaki and Laksman are reading a chapter from the Pothi*
▷  My (वाड्यामधी) Satyanarayan monthly two
▷ (आध्यायाला) sitting (जानकी) Laksman
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SatyanarayanA deity which is commonly worshipped by all castes and communities on auspicious occasions, weddings, etc. and also after a vow made is fulfilled.
puja ➡ pujasRitual worship or adoration of the idol of Gods
PothiA book telling the story about Gods and deities

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